Sunday, March 28, 2010

F1 Australian GP recap analysis

  • Button.  I’ve always thought that he got lucky last season.  I’m ready to say he’s slightly better than I give him credit for.
  • Kubica.  With raw talent, an average car, and a bit of luck, he got up to second!
  • Massa.  If it weren’t for Alonso’s first lap spin, Massa would be behind his teammate.
  • Alonso.  I watched him on my F1 timing app for most of the race and watched him go from way behind up to 4th.  That passing reminds of me Schumi in Monaco in that year when he cheated by intentionally crashing during qualifying.
  • Hamilton.  He’s got balls (and a bad attitude).
  • Webber.  Poor race, but at least he finished ahead of Vettel.
  • Rosberg.  He may be my favorite driver-- as he’s consistently kicking Michael’s ass.
  • Heidfeld.  Even had he been an active driver at Mercedes, he has no chance of winning this season.
  • Vettel.  Reliability problems remind me of Kimi and Mika at McLaren.
  • Kobayashi.  Somebody check his front wing fasteners, stat!
  • The drivers for the new teams: Sad, pathetic.

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F1Outsider said...

Great strategy call by Button to switch tires, which makes it embarassing for Hamilton to still depend on the team to pick his tire strategy. Massa didn't have a properly set-up car under him all weekend for whatever reason. His start was amazing though, especially in the wet, in which he is always unfairly branded as being inferior. He did make his share of mistakes but got lucky on a couple of occasions. Alonso, Hamilton and Webber were the stars of the show. Webber to a lesser extent perhaps, but he reminded me of Nigel Mansell... Very blunt & bullheaded, which is always entertaining. Rosberg lucked into a 5th place finish but is being given a pass by everyone simply because Schumacher is struggling. Vettel is the new Kimi...never ending bad luck.