Monday, March 29, 2010

Currywurst history and restaurant

I'm about to try German currywurst for the first time and I'm stoked.  The combo of sausage, ketchup, and curry powder sounds as intriguing and delicious as Hawaiian loco moco (burger patty, brown gravy, fried egg on top of rice) or Quebecois poutine (French fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy).

Here is a primer on currywurst:

Here is Curry Queen in Hamburg, which would fit right in on 4th Street in Berkeley:

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Ed said...

WHERE in Northern CA can you get currywurst?!?! It's one of my favorite things to eat in Germany and I always miss it when I leave.

Maxichamp said...

Schroeder's in SF. It was much sweeter and tangier than I had imagined.

Anonymous said...

Why not make it yourself? This is the authentic currywurst sauce recipe from a German Street Food vendor.

World Traveller said...

Currywurst was invented by Herta Heuwer in Berlin in 1949 as an affordable but filling meal for the people of Berlin at a time when food was in short supply.

When you order your Currywurst you can ask for it skin on “Currywurst mit Darm” or without skin “Currywurst ohne Darm”. Sausage casings were in short supply in the Soviet-controlled side of the city. If you grew up in East Berlin, you like sausage without skin; if you grew up in West Berlin, you probably prefer sausage with skin.

I’m not from Berlin, I prefer Currywurst without skin and in my opinion the best place to get it is from Fritz & Co (a Currywurst stall) on Wittenberg Platz in the Sch√∂neberg area of Berlin.