Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adam Carolla's Car Collection

Adam Carolla and his Datsun 510 and Porsche 911 RS replica

Funny man Adam Carolla just posted some pictures of his garage remodel. His fans are well aware of this car nut's growing collection.

Miura with the hood up and an Aston DB9 in the foreground.

Not quite sure, but that might be his Lamborghini 350GT or Islero in the foreground.

Now this is quite a find. Carolla keeps most of his cars in a warehouse in Burbank. Here is a tour of it with (ahem) Carson Daly.

A quick glimpse reveals: a Mini Cooper S, a Cobra (probably a replica), the 350GT, a Jaguar XJR, a first generation M3, an Islero, and a yellow Ferrari 308GT4 (like the one Hammond drove in the 1970s cheap Italian supercar challenge).


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