Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nurburgring Ring Taxi Quest, Day 1

Well, I need to start doing something about my travel goals. Sitting at home, watching the Travel Channel, does not count. I came up with a travel wish list last summer and have sort of accomplished one of the goals.

I'm going to work on my lap around the Nordscheilfe of the famed Nurburgring in Germany in a BMW M5 Ring Taxi. The sub-10 minute experience will require 195 euros, a bottle of Dramamine, and an airsickness bag. The Taxi runs every Sunday from the spring to the fall. Each lap carries three passengers.

Today is Day 1 of my quest. All of the 2009 spots have been taken. I suspect most, if not all of 2010, is gone too. In any event, I put myself on the "waiting list" today. I'll report back when I get to the top of queue.


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