Thursday, May 01, 2014

Great Senna-Merc 190E 2.3-16V Cosworth piece

1. Rchen: How did you like yours?
2. H/t to Ed.


Rich said...

I rather liked my 1985 gray-market Euro Cossie: Well-built, dogleg 5-speed, liked to rev. At the time I had just sold a Mk II GTI 16V, and it reminded me of that car in tossability.

But it wasn't a mad puppy like E30 M3: The steering wheel was huge, body roll was aplenty, and on track it was "1980s fast" -- It was harrowing being chased by 400hp Ferraris, and was happier among stock Porsche 944s.

In stock form good for around town, long trips for 2, hillside jaunts. Track use only for one-make events like the Senna race.

Rich said...

Not that anyone noticed, but the car was tagged up as #11 on these outings. :-)

augie said...

hi @Richard Chen. do you have an online presence where you publish the latest members of your scuderia?

i read maxichamps (somewhat dated) interview with you and think you have great tastes in vintage cars - or at least we share impeccable taste!

Rich said...

@Augie Aww shucks, thanks! Let's all keep our roads looking interesting.

I used to update them here until ~2012, but this would be a good reminder to bring it up to date. Entire cars have come and gone with nary an automotive selfie.

augie said...

@Richard Chen beautiful collection.

like any car geek who lived through the financial crisis, i keep a mental list of "cars i'd look to buy if the world melted down again." i think several members of my list are or were in your stable. definitely an e30 m3 and NSX. i'd probably also throw in a 993 c2s and maybe a mint datsun 510...

anyone else keep a list like this, or am i just nuts....?

Maxichamp said...

@augie: I made up a list a while ago.

Right now, the 993 is on my very short list.

augie said...

@maxichamp it's amazing how much prices have gone up in the last year. i swear, a year ago C2 prices were in the 20s and C2S prices were in the 50s. now, it's 40s and 60s.

this is a nice (but expensive) example at a dealer near my in-laws' place in torrance. i'll be there for mom's day and might wander over to take a looksie.