Friday, May 09, 2014

Tour and photos of new BART train cars

There was an "open house" today so I checked out an example of what we locals will be riding in two years.

The new cars are fabricated in Canada and assembled in New York.

This is definitely an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, design.

TV Monitors!

The bright colors cheer up the interior. The new seats are easier to clean and "fluids" don't seep into the fabric, like they do with the current seats.

There is more sound insulation in the walls and the doors seal better, thus further deadening ambient noise.

"Please be gentle."


Lukas said...

The overhanging roof design is interesting.

Busses here are getting monitors, with the next stops etc showing. There are voice announcements too, but they annoy the drivers and are often turned off.

Edvin said...

Not a whole lot of leg room in the blue seats in the fourth pic. BART users must be very fit.