Thursday, May 22, 2014

6 challenges of Longitude Prize

The original prize was established in 1714. It sought a simple and practical method of determining longitude at sea. The amount of the prize was based on how accurate the solution was.

A British charity is renewing the prize. The public (UK only) gets to choose what the challenge should be. The candidates/challenges are:

  • Flight - How can we fly without damaging the environment?
  • Food - How can we ensure everyone has nutritious sustainable food?
  • Antibiotics - How can we prevent the rise of resistance to antibiotics?
  • Paralysis - How can we restore movement to those with paralysis?
  • Water - How can we ensure everyone has access to safe and clean water?
  • Dementia - How can we help people with dementia live independently for longer?

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Ripituc said...

Ugh, so environmentaly friendly