Saturday, May 26, 2018

Three places to visit in Kuwait

From this tourist's point of view, Kuwait has a few more noteworthy places to visit than Bahrain. I found these in my guidebook.

1. Kuwait Towers.

The Scandinavian-designed towers are actually useful. The middle tower contains equipment to power the other two. The left tower's sphere stores water. The top sphere of the right tower is a restaurant. The top half of the bottom sphere of the right tower contains a restaurant, reception hall, and cafe. The bottom half of the bottom sphere of the right tower also stores water.

2. The bridge to nowhere

Bubiyan is a marshy, uninhabited island. But Iraq and Iran both claim it. So Kuwait spent a lot of money building a bridge to nowhere.

3. Al-Qurain Martyr's Museum

This is a shot up building from the Iraqi invasion. Kuwaiti freedom fighters were hiding in the building when Iraqi intelligence attacked. It appears both sides were driving Chevy Caprices.

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