Monday, August 21, 2017

The toy cars I kept

A while back, I got rid of all of my childhood toy cars except eight. I subsequently added two to the collection (the Hongqi and the Leaf). But looking at their putrid condition now, I think I'm only going to let the kid play with the Hongqi and Leaf.

From bottom left, counterclockwise:

1. Matchbox Datsun 120X (Made in England)
2. Matchbox Citroen CX (England)
3. Matchbox Ferrari 308 GTS (Macau)
4. Matchbox Audi Quattro (Macau)
5. Tomica Sigma MC74 Mazda (Japan)
6. Hot Wheels Hot Bird (Hong Kong)
7. Playart Lamborghini LP500S (Hong Kong)
8. Tomica Nissan Leaf (Vietnam) (I got this as a gift a few years ago from the Nissan engine museum in Yokohama)
9. Tomica FAW Hongqi (Vietnam) (I got this as a gift from rchen; did you buy it in Bangkok?)
10. Tomica Lamborghini Cheetah (Japan)


F1Outsider said...

Have you seen the guy on youtube who restores these old toy cars?

It's pretty cool...

Maxichamp said...

@F1O: I have!

Richard Chen said...

Hongqi purchased in HK. Tomica has a local series that includes HK and mainland taxicabs, etc.