Saturday, August 19, 2017

Latin American passport stamps

I just noticed that my passport is about to expire. I'm going to renew it today. Here are the old stamps along the Western Hemisphere:



Mexico. Note I entered via Baja California Norte (Tijuana) on November 8 and exited via Chiapas on November 12 (Tapachula). I was supposed to have my passport stamped as soon as I crossed by foot into Mexico (this was my first Latin American land crossing). It wasn't until I got to the Tijuana bus station by taxi from the border that a nice policeman randomly checked my passport and told me I had to have it stamped. His office was so tiny, I had to stand sideways behind the counter because I was wearing a big backpack.


Honduras. This was the only country which didn't require travelers to step off the bus. The bus driver's assistant simply walked down the aisle, collected everyone's passports, and returned a half hour later with everyone's passports stamped.

El Salvador. I can only assume this is the El Salvador stamp from the process of elimination.

Nicaragua. No rule of law here. There were Daniel Ortega campaign posters plastered all over immigration control.

Costa Rica. The most beautiful sunrise I ever witnessed was at the Costa Rica-Panama border.

Panama. Before the old lady customs officer searched all of our bags, we had to hold hands in a big circle and say a prayer together.



Argentina. Every border crossing had a big portrait of President Fernandez wearing a big blue sash.


Lukas said...

I got a replacement passport in January this year, and just got back from Canada using it. No stamps, all electronic. I think they are on the way out.

Lukas said...

I renewed my password in January, and just got back from Canada using it. No stamps - all electronic. I think they're on the way out.