Friday, December 02, 2016

My grandfather's funeral truck/motorcade in 1983 Taiwan

I know this is a bit macabre, but I just had to share these photos I found over Thanksgiving.

I was eight and I specifically remember wearing some kind of burlap mourning robe and riding in the truck that carried my grandfather's body. At some point that day, it rained. I have no idea what the make/model of that truck was.

The Ford/Mazda on the left belonged to one of the sons of our neighbor across the street. The neighbor was the head of the country's domestic intelligence unit. He was a gregarious, loud man who had a monkey as a pet. It was chained outside all the time in their yard.

These cute little truckettes were a part of the motorcade. I don't remember seeing them that day.

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Ripituc said...

Really interesting piece of history. I'm glad you posted them.