Sunday, May 08, 2016

Fort McMurry fire

This mega-fire in northern Alberta is incredible to watch. That the city of 80,000 is so remote (4.5 hour drive from Edmonton) has made everything that much more difficult. Are most of the evacuees now in Edmonton, Pete?

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Pete Dushenski said...

The fires have been quite the rallying cry for community action in the province. It's wonderful to see people banding together! Of course the usual Red Cross leeches are out in full force, advertising on every media stream available, but given that no one (maaaaybe one person?) died in the fires, that a good number of people are being happily paid out for overpriced property by insurance companies, and that the socialistoid party in power has egg on their face for calling it "karma" because "carbon", it's been all-around notbad.jpg.

A good chunk of the evacuees are in Edmonton, though many are in Calgary, back with family out East, or staying in motels somewhere in between. I honestly haven't noticed much of an influx here, only one or two odd panhandlers who ended up on the wrong side of the happenings, but hardly Syrians-in-Germany style floods.