Sunday, December 13, 2015

Eating the Globe: Japan

Since Cooper is still recuperating and we can't leave him alone at home, I ordered takeout

This new Japanese place is the talk of the town. It is packed morning, noon, and night. When I arrived to pick up my order, the line was out the door.

Spinach salad with sesame sauce. 

Kara age fried chicken.

Shio ramen. It tastes better at the restaurant. It's just not the same, eating out of styrofoam containers. The ramen consists of chicken soup, braised pork belly, soft boiled egg, lotus root, fish cake, seasoned bamboo shoot, Tokyo leek, and dried seaweed.

Countries tried so far:
Asia: China, India, Japan, Philippines
Europe: Italy
North America: Mexico, USA


Charles Lee said...

I remember seeing this place last time I was in Walnut Creek. The line was long so I ended up eating at a pretty average Korean place. The karaage looks good--but it's hard to make fried chicken look bad.

Lukas said...

What happened to Cooper?

Maxichamp said...

@Lukas: He ate/swallowed a piece of plastic. It passed but stuff had been coming out of both ends. Let's just say we need our carpet cleaned.