Saturday, December 12, 2015

Eating the Globe: India

A little bit of background. There's a sit-down restaurant in town. Think of it as a glorified Denny's/Olive Garden. It caters to senior citizens and the food is sooooo bland. I don't know how it has stayed open for decades. It's owned by an Indian guy.

A couple of years ago, a small deli a mile away closed down. The Indian guy converted the space into a half-deli/half-Indian restaurant. And it's pretty fantastic.

His son runs the place and mans the naan oven. Whenever I come in for a to-go order, I give him a nod and he starts making the naan for me. He puts the dough on a pillow-paddle thing. He then flicks some water on the dough and slaps it on the inside wall of the oven. By the time his assistant spoons the rice, lamb saag, and chicken korma into my plastic tray (and I pay), the bread is ready.

In summary, naan good, spicy fast food good.

Countries tried so far:
Asia: China, India, Philippines
Europe: Italy
North America: Mexico, USA