Saturday, November 07, 2015


Please go see the movie this weekend so I can talk about it here next week.


Sanchez said...

Saw it yesterday. Did not like it. In fact I think it is a crap movie. Failed logic, far-fetched script. And please don't tell me that it is a legendary James Bond so it has to be like that.
Car chase scene in Rome was disappointing after all the buzz with Aston and Jaguar spotting. Few 90 degrees turn and that's it.
Mountain road chase scene was better and I think it was the best part of this film.
The bond girl was not attractive at all.
And of course absurd script with 270 degree turns like the main villain being the boss of all the previous villains combined and being the brother of the main character.

For overdone spy movies we have Kingsman. For realistic spy action movies Bourne series. For car chase scene Mad Max: Road Of Fury. Each of these movies excels James Bond.

Also Spectre has many great actors but biggest surprise was Rory Kinnear because I remember him as British PM in TV series Black Mirror S01E01. Recommend this very episode for political satire and black humour.

Ripituc said...

Just came back from cinema. I didn't like it either. It just never caught me, I was bored most of the time and didn't care much about the fate of the characters. By the end I just wanted for it to end.

I guess I just prefer the most realistic films. I loved Casino Royale and Skyfall! Quantum I thought was boring (and who cares about yet another coup in Bolivia?). I did like the chase in Rome, and LOVED the scene with the Rolls! The girl was pretty, but she is no Eva Green... Linking all previous villains with the new Ernst Stavro Blofeld made no sense at all. Too many planes/helicopters!