Wednesday, November 11, 2015

20 year old Bentley running costs

I've been checking pretty regularly and came upon this post.

Considering that it was a 20 year old car with 26,000 miles and was rarely driven, I think it did pretty well especially given that it cost $305,000 when new. It only broken down badly once with a fuel leak, which required a complete overhaul of the fuel system. This was age-related and probably not Bentley specific. The A/C compressor failed, but once again, it was 20 years old.
All in all, I spent around $8,000 in eleven months to drive it 4793 miles.
I paid $26,500 and sold it for $30,500. I don't think this indicates any appreciation of that model, just the work I had done and the presentation. Thankfully, the US dollar appreciated about 10% in between buying and selling, so this saved me a bunch of money after converting everything back to CDN dollars.
Here is the break-down. I didn't include fuel in the calculations.
Purchase Price: $26,500 USD or $34,870 CDN in December 2014 Purchased with mileage of 26,227
Import Duty: $1848.51
Pre-purchase Inspection at Bentley Las Vegas: $588.00
Safety Inspection and DRL Activation: $1510
Factory OEM Car Cover: $1167
Various Screws/Bolts: $133
Battery Hold-down clamp: $111.51
OEM Stereo Remote: $247
Fuel System Overhaul and 30k Major Service (parts): $2641
Same, Labor (33 hours @ $100/hr plus tax): $3760
A/C Compressor and Dryer: $1458
Less core return ($450)
A/C Labor: $1371.00
Collector Insurance, 11 months: $488.00
Total Costs, purchase, maintenance, insurance: $50, 343 CDN
Sale Price: $30,500 USD or $40,490 CDN
Ownership cost: $9853.29 CDN
Total Mileage: 4793 or $1.51 USD per mile.
As for fuel economy, I'm not sure. There is no trip computer and I only count smiles per gallon.

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