Sunday, March 01, 2015

Mustang II at Cars & Coffee

I visited the Blackhawk Cars & Coffee this morning. It has grown exponentially since I last went about a year ago. Although there were tons of cool cars (mostly new and classic American muscle cars), I only took photos of one car-- this Concours d'Lemons-worthy Ford Mustang II:


MattC said...

My best friend Paul had one of these growing up (we learned to drive in the mid 1980's and Paul chose to buy a Mustang II as his first car). It was light tan with brown in the scallop(sides).It of course was saddled with the anemic (yet durable) Lima 2.3L carb'ed engine and further saddled with an automatic. Needless to say, his love affair with the car was short lived and replaced with a Mitsubishi Mighty Max. (also in tan, can you see a trend here)

Maxichamp said...

@MattC: My former co-worker who also learned to drive in the mid-80s got a Mustang II when she turned 16. It was blue and gold and even came with a cheesy vanity plate. Fortunately, it caught fire within a week.

slirt said...

sweet white interior!