Friday, March 06, 2015

Iraq descends into the abyss

As ISIS destroys ancient Assyrian statues and archaeological sites, the Iraqi army, backed by Shia militias and Iranian officers, is trying to liberate Mosul. But the Shia liberators do not come with chocolates and roses. Instead, they are collectively punishing the Sunni residents, thus driving them back into the arms of ISIS. What a clusterfuck.

I was having coffee with a psychotherapist friend and asked him what goes through the minds of these terrorists. He compared their heinous acts to Nazis. The Nazis were humiliated after World War I and the Arabs were humiliated by the West. The two groups found another group, the Other, that they could pick on. Barbarity ensues.

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Ripituc said...

The worst part, I think, is that even without foreign intervention, at least you can always count on sunnis and shias trying to kill each other.

Sectarian realities seem to indicate many of this countries are not yet ready for democracy and rule of law. It's either totalitarianism, or civil war.