Sunday, February 08, 2015

Retromobile Day 2

This is truly an extraordinary event.

As soon as I stepped out of the Metro stop, I saw a Renault Clio Williams full of guys circling around, looking for parking.

Unlike yesterday, a bunch of cars were lined up outside the convention center for a rally today. All the locals were gawking at the non-French cars, like the Porsches and Triumphs. I was fixated on this Alpine.

In a separate exhibition hall was the much talked about Baillon Collection. A transport tycoon was going broke so he sold half his collection and kept the rest in his backyard. He died. Ten years later, his son, who inherited the mess, died. Now, the son's kids put the remaining cars on the block. It's really sad, and almost criminal, to leave these cars in this state.

I don't know if this is an Excalibur, a Zimmer, or something else. But I do know from the side windows that it started off as a mid-80s Cougar.

These Matra Ranchos put a smile on my face.

A Pininfarina Lancia. It looked like a Mazda Cosmos from the back.

The Autobianchi club brought two cars.

Facel Vega, brought to you by your friendly Facel Vega club.

Alpine Gran Turismo 6.

CX engine bay for Chris. I was going to buy a crash test SM diecast model, but it was gone when I looked for it today. No worries, as I'm going to the Citroen dealership on the Champs Elysees on Tuesday and the Conservatoire gift shop on Wednesday.

Semi-deconstructed Porsche 964.

Big Peugeot.


Chris Haining said...

That CX engine bay is nowhere near as realistic as the NOREV 1:18 one...

Ed (Belgium) said...

The 604 ("Big Peugeot") could be even bigger, a Heuliez-made LWB limo existed

Christopher Diamond said...


There aren't airhorns where I have often seen them mounted -- now I am wondering where mine were originally located...