Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1989 Honda Civic Si review

Can you imagine anyone coveting a newer Civic? I think this 1989 Civic is about as good as it ever got. A guy I knew in high school had a brand new 1990 or 1991 Civic (I don't think it was an Si). He gave me a ride in it once and I still remember how low to the ground it was, how it cornered so well on suburban streets, and how clean and functional the interior was.


mtc said...

I'd argue that the second generation CR-X was the high water mark of Civics, although I certainly wouldn't thumb my nose at an '89 Si.

Ed Kim said...

We grew up in the same area at the same time, so over on my side of Irvine it was the same thing. The Civic was absolutely one of the most aspirational cars at Irvine High. Those lucky few who had one were envied. Those of us who were car geeks loved the low seating position, the four-wheel double wishbone suspension (show me a modern compact car with this sophisticated of a suspension!), and one of the best FWD shifters ever made, to this day. I would love one today...but the few that exist have been butchered pretty badly.