Monday, January 05, 2015

Today in car blogging

Fun stuff.

First, commentor Ramon/Ripituc/Viva Chile collaborated with Jay Ramey and has a fantastic post on Autoweek today about some cool and diverse cars in Cuba. Here is Ramon's first Autoweek post (about a unique Havanan taxi).

Second, the Blackhawk Cars & Coffee yesterday. I was too tired to go but apparently I missed a BMW M4 jump a center median in a sheer act of asshattery. P and S: Did you witness it in person?

Anyways, Raphael Orlove at Jalopnik put up a post about it, and a hilarious follow-up, with the asshat's explanation of what he thinks happened. Hilarity ensues.

Finally, here is my Anti-Football Run recap on Hooniverse.

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HouseOfCadillacs said...

Didn't see that crash in person but the guy was lucky there was no oncoming traffic. Surprised he didn't get busted because there were quite a few cops hanging around!