Friday, January 02, 2015

2015 automotive travel plans/wish list

Here are the three places I plan/hope to go to this year. Very bucket list-y.

1. Paris, February. This trip has been booked, so it's a definite GO. The plan is to attend Retromobile,

then the Citroen Conservatorire,

and finally the elaborate flagship car dealerships along the Champ Elysees.

2. Bonneville Speed Week, August.

I am skipping out on Monterey Car Week and possibly checking out the Bonneville Salt Flats instead.

3. Japan, September.

Currently, there is a 60% chance of me going to Japan. If I do, I'd like to visit the Nissan Museum in my hometown of Yokohama,

the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka,

and the Toyota Museum in nearby Nagoya.


Christopher Diamond said...

How big is the suitcase you are taking back from Paris? :)

Maxichamp said...

@Chris: Enough room for a Nico Rosberg jacket, a couple Citroen XM diecasts, maybe a few books...

m4ff3w said...

You need to add USGP to the list.

Maxichamp said...

@m4ff3w: Only if I can get the access you've had in the last couple years!

Sanchez said...

Citroen and Nissan collections are among the best car manufacturer collections. I prefer this type of storage than Porsche, Mercedes or BMW special built museums.

PS. Citroen SM Proto Michelin and Proto Rally in 1:18 scale

Christopher Diamond said...

@Maxichamp I expect about as much. Maybe I can wrangle you into finding where I might be able to purchase a part for shipment :)

If only we had junkyards full of French iron in California!

Maxichamp said...

@Chris: I'm not bringing back a bumper for you.