Monday, October 20, 2014

Storing extra cars

Story No. 3. If you've followed this blog for years, you'd know that it takes me a long time to pull the trigger when it comes to car purchases. The Phaeton search took over a year, as did the Volvo search. So when I tell you that I am looking to buy a weekend fun car, you know it's not going to happen overnight.

But before I can buy the extra car, I need to look at my storage options. We only have a two-car garage and some of my neighbors are quick to complain when too many cars are parked on the street. Plus, I will soon need a storage space to tuck away some work-related stuff.*

I've heard for years that some local car collectors kept their cars in airplane hangars at the municipal airport. I called today and learned that in order to rent or buy a hangar, you have to own an airplane. It's a shame, as the airport would have been ideal. It's located close by and is next to a major freeway. Plus, it's very secure.

Now, I am back to square one. If I rent a place, it has to be super secure (for my work stuff and for my weekend car). I have also considered buying a space, but do the tax advantages outweigh the hassle? I'd like to hear your thoughts if you have any experience with this very First World Problem.

And if money were no object, and I lived closer to San Jose, I would consider this.

*Ideally, there would be extra space so that the storage unit could act like a clubhouse. I have to relocate my Maserati coffee table anyway, as it is not allowed in the house anymore.


Unknown said...

Why isn't the coffee table allowed in the house anymore?

Maxichamp said...

@Unknown: Official Reason: Danger to children visitors.