Friday, October 17, 2014

Recommendations for tire pressure gauge

Any suggestions? I've always used pencil-shaped gauges. I'm ready to move up. Thanks in advance.


MattC said...

I would recommend a quality gauge.

Maxichamp said...

@MattC: Long time no hear! (Although I do see you on Hooniverse.) I ordered the gauge you recommended. Thanks.

MattC said...

No problem. I bought these on the advice on my father (who was a private pilot)and depended on quality tools.

Don't worry, I lurk on this site quite often but posting can be problematic (if I am on my work computer).

augie said...

i have a gauge from joe's racing i found on amazon. it works fine.

some gauges will "hold" the last reading even after you remove it from the tire (and then release when you press the valve). the one from joe's doesn't do that, but i haven't really been able to find one for purchase that does. no huge deal, i don't think.