Monday, October 20, 2014

Depreciation on a 2012 Mercedes CL550

Despite working a long day, I've got three great car stories.

First story. I was talking to a friend who is into cars. He's currently trying to sell this SSR.

You'll notice the two Mercs in the background. The white 560SEC is his daily driver. He bought it from the original owner just a few years ago. The car had very low miles, as it was used mainly to ferry the owner from his home to the grocery store.

My friend drives his clients around in the black S600 Biturbo in the garage. He is a master at buying fancy cars after someone else has eaten the depreciation.

He has maxed out on the number of cars he is allowed to own at a time (I think he also has an SUV and an Audi TT convertible with baseball glove stitching), so he sold the S600 Biturbo and bought a 2012 Mercedes CL550. The CL sold new for $114,000+. He picked it up for $29,000. What a deal!

In talking to him, he mentioned that if he could find space for his cars, he wouldn't have to sell the SSR, which he loves dearly. That's another story.

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