Saturday, July 20, 2013

Toyota Mega Cruiser interior

Sanchez: Can you buy LHD Mega Cruisers in Kazakhstan and Russia? I thought they were only available in Japan.


Ripituc said...

I'm no Sanchez (well, I'm technically 1/4 Sanchez...) but I want to venture and answer on this one: They have to be second hand cars originally sold in Japan.

Sanchez said...

They are former JDM cars which were imported here before RHD import ban.
Reason for them to be converted to LHD is because they are way too wide, too hard to control from the right seat in an LHD country.

BTW there is actually not one but TWO for sale here.

Here's the second one, LHD too:

Sanchez said...

Ex-army Mega Cruiser converted to LHD for sale in Philippines: