Monday, July 15, 2013

Holden Jackaroo ad

Hat tip to Lukas.

Was there a Japanese manufacturer that Holden DIDN'T work with?


Lukas said...

Good question.....

Nissan: VL Commodore motors, Pulsar sold as Astra

Isuzu: Impulse/Piazza, Jackaroo/Trooper, Rodeo/Dmax and Gemini

Toyota: Commodore sold as Lexcen, Camry sold as Apollo, Corolla sold as Nova

Mitsubishi: nothing that I can remember

Mazda: nothing that I can remember (Ford did a lot with them)

Honda: nothing that I can remember

Suzuki: Swift sold as Barina, Sierra sold as the Drover, Carry sold as Scurry

I also found:

Maxichamp said...

@Lukas: That's insane. Who is left? Subaru. Daihatsu. That's it, right?

Richard Chen said...

I got a Holden-Mazda product for you: Mazda Roadpacer, a Holden Premier with 13B rotary.

Lukas said...

Oops, forgot Subie and Daihatsu. No Holden link-ups that I acn think of.

Also forgot that Mazda Roadpacer - A holden Premier with a rotary engine - I think you've written about it.

Half of Holden's models at present are rebadged Kias - Captiva5 and 7, Cruze, Barina.

An earlier Holden Cruze was the Suzuki Ignis too.

m4ff3w said...

The current Holden Cruz isn't based on the Chevy Cruz instead of the Kia?

Ripituc said...

Holdens like the Cruze and Captiva are based on Korean-developed Chevrolet. So, formerly Daewoos.

But since now the non-US Chevrolet is mostly comprised of what used to be Daewoo, I don't think we can talk about "colaborating with other companies" here. It's all GM.