Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Top North American Pacific ports by volume

So Los Angeles and Long Beach's ports have been shut down for two weeks now due to a strike by its clerical workers.  I heard on the radio that Ensenada, just 50 miles south of the border, is trying to pick up the slack.  So that got me thinking...
  1. LA 7.8m 20' container units
  2. Long Beach 6.3m
  3. Vancouver 2.5m
  4. Oakland 2.2m
  5. Tacoma Washington 1.9m
  6. Seattle 1.7m
  7. Manzanillo, Mex 1.4m
  8. Honolulu 1.1m
  9. Anchorage 544k
  10. Lazaro Cardenas, Mex 525k
  11. Portland 245k
  12. Prince Rupert, BC 182k
  13. Kahului, Maui 147k
  14. Ensenada 110k
  15. Kawaihae, Hawaii 98k
  16. San Diego 95k
  17. Hilo, Hawaii 60k
  18. Nawiliwi, Hawaii 59k
  19. Hueneme, California 32k

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