Wednesday, December 19, 2012

AEV Brute Double Cab-- Jeep Wrangler truck conversion

I have not lusted after a pickup truck since Back to the Future.  But this Jeep conversion is practical, good looking, and really well thought out.

By the way, these Car and Driver videos are surprisingly good.


steve-vh said...

How about Hummer H3T?? There's one with low miles on ebay right now with a $30k BuyItNow.
No way I'd spend $80K.
I'f hadn't already bought an H3, I'd still be driving the H3T I know I would have bought when they came out.

The concept is gaining traction at Jeep though.

Maxichamp said...

@steve: I had no idea there was a Hummer H3T. It looks like the Brute just copied the Hummer!

steve-vh said...

exactly1 the problem for the H3T was it came out right when all the uproar on gas prices and public perception regarding hummers which ultimately killed the brand. It was a greatly engineered vehicle, easy to maintain and own. And actually more green than a prius when you looked at the life time carbon footprint and recyclability. Oh and never mind cheaper and better milage than most family SUV's
I have no idea how many H3T's were finally built but it was only one year. Not the first time a great model was killed by public ignorance. There's a great vid of the H3T wall walking at Moab when it came out.