Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The shiniest dead pedal on a Phaeton

Would you believe that after owning the Phaeton for more than eight months, I just realized that the factory-applied protective sticker was still on the dead pedal?

I set out to remove it last weekend.  My concern was the adhesive residue that might remain on the pedal.  The sticker was on the pedal for seven years, after all.  If it was sticky, then it would get very dirty, very quickly.  You can see the residue on the edges of the pedal in the photo below.

I still had a new bottle of Goof Off, which I intended to use on that never ending garage project.

After a few wipes with Goof Off and a clean tube sock, the dead pedal is perfect.  Just look how shiny it is compared to the other pedals.


Alan said...

A manual parking brake? How passé.

Maxichamp said...

@Alan: No start-stop button either.

Edvin said...

I could never leave protective film on for that long. I'm always tempted to tear it off immediately although I know it'd be smarter to just leave it on. :)

Paul said...

You know that means you have to clean the rest of the pedals right? ;-)

Maxichamp said...

@Paul: Any recommendations on what kind of cleaner/polisher I should use?