Thursday, May 04, 2017

What to bring to Radwood

The June 3rd car show for 80s and 90s cars is getting a lot of buzz. I am thinking about renting an old car and driving it to the show, but what?

I tried Turo, which is like AirBNB for cars. There was a nice 420SEL for rent, and I actually booked it. But the owner canceled after realizing he was going to be out of town that weekend. Bummer.

Then I found this. But at $250/day, it's too expensive.

I then called an area Bentley repair shop to see if they knew of anyone who rented Bentley Turbo Rs. I got a resounding no. Unless something else pops up, I'm just going to go there in the i3 or TSX.


steve-vh said...

Do like Wayne Carini and buy something really obscure/survivor from a local used lot for cheap$$ and enter it in a survivor/lemon class.

steve-vh said...

Unknown said...

You could come with me! No guarantees my rear suspension will be fully fixed by then :/