Thursday, May 11, 2017

1974 Ford Falcon XB sedan for sale in California

I stopped by a classic car dealer and saw this strange contraption. Is there anything special about this specimen, Brendan and Australian readers? I can't believe it's worth $36,900.

There's a sticker on the back window for this Australian export company.

And here is a random video I found of an XB sedan at a drag strip.


Lukas said...

Don't really know anything about the variants of those, but they are sought after in general, so once you add import costs the price seems reasonable I guess.

Unknown said...

I recall this might have been one of the first XBs that Cameron Manewell (AussieExport) shipped over. The owner was in Fremont. He sold it not too long after my XB coupe arrived. It is a true XB GT (unlike mine, which was a GS with GT bits applied). The asking price is about right. If it were a true GT coupe, add about $10K.

Those wheels do not float my boat.


Unknown said...

Price is pretty good, works out to be around AUD$47,000, similar GT sedans over here are asking $60-75k. (GT Coupes area around AUD$85-140,000). None GT coupes (like your old one Brendan) are around $45-75k (over $100k for a show car quality build).

I bought this GT back in 2001, it was the first car I exported.