Saturday, May 13, 2017

BMW E38 740iL/750iL

Two stories:

1. When I was in law school in the late 90s, I clerked in the summers for a very successful and esteemed law firm. The partners had a row of reserved parking spaces on the first floor of the parking garage right next to the entrance to the office building. They all got black cars and in order of seniority, they drove:

  • a black Jaguar XJR
  • a black BMW 740iL
  • a black Lexus GS400
  • a black Saab 9-5
  • a black Land Rover Discovery
One day, for some reason, I had to retrieve the BMW from some random place 30 miles away. That drive back to the office was spectacular.

2. We have a Kramer-like curmudgeon living on our block. For years, he drove a 1970s Ranchero. Then, he upgraded to a 1990s second gen Taurus. He NEVER washed his cars. I'm sure people on his end of the block are pissed at him. Well, he just picked up a V12 750iL. It's dark green and other than faded paint on the roof, it still looks strong.

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Saxphile said...

My uncle had an E38 750iL. It really was a wonderful car to drive with effortless performance.

I once took it to seriously extra legal speed (200+ kmh) on a deserted back road due to my mom's friend running late for a flight. None of the passengers noticed the speed until I pointed it out.