Wednesday, February 19, 2014

W211 wagons, your thoughts

The Volvo V50 search is futile. I found this E350 wagon for sale. Do any of you have any opinions/experience with the W211 E-Class? What should I look out for? Room for my dog in the cargo area is a must.


Sanchez said...

Thought you were looking for manual?

My friend used to have W211 E350.
From what I can remember quite a problematic car.
Many frequent electronic hardware problems here and there with big bills to pay. Of course different weather and climate conditions and such. But I think this generation is infamous for not being up to level of W210 in terms of reliability and is very pale compared to W124.

mtc said...

I would give Kent Bergsma a call or drop him an email!

Maxichamp said...

@Sanchez: Yes. My quick research shows the 350 engine to be full of problems.

Ed Kim said...

I love these cars, but get a 2007 or later. Why? The 2003-06 models had a very problematic brake-by-wire system, where the brake pedal electronically controlled how much braking force was actuated. Thank God, there was a mechanical backup, because these always failed, requiring an expensive trip to the dealer.

Avoid the 03-06, and it's not too terrible.