Friday, February 08, 2013

Ridgeline, not Titan

The killer's truck (a Nissan Titan) has been found.  He set it on fire.  Now, it's not only people in pickups who are in danger of being shot at by these Keystone Cops.  Everybody in any type of vehicle is now at risk.


F1Outsider said...

How they just opened fire on that blue Tacoma is frightening. And why no one is asking if those cops will be prosecuted is even more so.

Unknown said...

This is really frightening! I can't understand how US cops can work this way.

Alan said...


My thoughts exactly.

And while Dorner is undoubtedly a psychopath, I'm not so sure he wasn't pushed into it (at least partially, he had to be a little loose in the head to begin with) by being fired for legitimate claims of police brutality. The LAPD are notorious.