Sunday, February 10, 2013

My headlamp washer door won't open...

I cannot figure this out. When the lights are on and you hold the washer stalk for 1.5 seconds, one headlamp is washed, then the other. The passenger side washer works fine. The driver's side washer door won't open. The nozzle is spraying fluid, but it's doing so inside the car's body. There's a puddle of washer fluid on the ground, immediately below the headlamp.

I pried the doors open with a fork and knife. The two doors manually open and close with similar amounts of force/tension. I'm supposed to be able to manually operate the doors through the Infotainment center, but I have not been able to figure out how.

Unless anyone out there has any bright ideas, I'll be taking the car to the dealer on Tuesday.

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Lukas said...

Possibly helpfull comment: are you able to access the point where the wires attach to the actuator thingy that opens the little flap? If so, put a multimeter across them an check what voltage it gets when the door is meant to open. Compare to working door.

Likely unhelpfull comment: "Your car has electronics in places where my car doesn't even have places."