Friday, July 27, 2012

Carspotting: Oldsmobile Toronado

The rear 3/4 shot is my favorite angle for this car.  It's sort of a mesh between a Fiero and a Lagonda, no?

The straight side view is bad.  Everything in front of the B-pillar looks like a squarish, boxy car.  Everything aft of it looks like a different, more rounded car.  Reminds me of a Chrysler LHS.

The tiny car with a V6 and hidden headlamps was a sales flop.  Cheap gasoline meant people opted for barges with V8s instead.  I still have a fondness for this car and its GM brethren though.

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Unknown said...

Interesting car. As you say, the side view is strange at least.

I feel like the shape of the window area doesn't match the rest of the car, those windows are too low, and that, with the big wheelarches and low boot gives GM cars from that time a weird profile.

But then maybe that was a hip way to look in the late eighties, with cars getting more round and aerodynamic as a sign of the future.

The badges are lame too. Is that a T logo for Toronado? The Oldsmobile rocket looks much better. I still like this car a lot anyway. The front with hidden headlamps is a fantastic touch.