Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Three birds with one stone

Three of the four counties I still need to visit (Trinity, Modoc, Lassen) are in extreme northern California. Originally, I thought I would visit them by visiting their county seats. Weaverville for Trinity (to the west of Redding), Alturas for Modoc (to the northeast of Adin), and Susanville for Lassen (to the southeast of Adin).

I intend to take these trips with my toddler son, and keeping him in the car for that long is not fun. So I've changed my route. I'll just step over the border and head back. No need to visit the county seats. I would save a lot of time taking this "shortcut".

So for Trinity, the border is just over the first D in Redding on the map.

For Modoc, Adin is right on the border.

And best of all, in order to reach Adin, I have to drive through Lassen County!

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