Monday, July 09, 2018

World Leaders Cars (3)

21. Azerbaijan: Mercedes S-Class. This is a photo of the president inspecting a new parking garage in Baku. (2007 car: Mercedes S-Class)

22. Egypt: Mercedes S-Class. (2007 car: BMW 7-Series)

23. Jordan: Mercedes Gelandewagen. (2007 car: Mercedes S-Class)

24. Australia: BMW 7-Series. It's sad that Australia and New Zealand can no longer use big Holden or Ford sedans. (2007 car: Holden Statesman)

25. Nicaragua: Mercedes Gelandewagen. (2007 car: an older Mercedes Gelandewagen)

26. Brazil: Chevy. Does anyone know what model this is? It looks like a Holden but the Brazilian market doesn't sell big Chevy sedans. (2007 car: Chevy Omega)

27. Russia: Aurus Senat. (2007 car: ZIL)

28. Guatemala: Chevy Suburban. (2008 car: Toyota Land Cruiser)

29. Singapore: Lexus LS600h L. (2007 car: Mercedes S-Class)

30. South Africa: BMW 7-Series. (2007 car: Mercedes S-Class)

Mercedes S-Class: 5
BMW 7-Series: 4
Audi A8: 3
Chevy Suburban: 3
Lexus: 2
Mercedes Gelandewagen: 2
Aurus Senat: 1
Cadillac: 1
Chevy: 1
Citroen DS7 Crossback: 1
Hongqi: 1
Hyundai Equus: 1
Hyundai Santa Fe: 1
Jaguar: 1
Proton: 1
Toyota/Lexus Land Cruiser: 1
VW Touareg: 1


Charles Lee said...

Brazil: that looks like a rebadged Holden Commodore. It was sold through Chevy dealership in the Middle East.

F1Outsider said...

The Brazil one is a Chevrolet Omega which was manufactured in Brazil until 2012. It's essentially a Holden Commodore. There was an agreement with Ford in which Ford provided a Fusion Hybrid and a Ford Edge as presidential cars, but I think that agreement expired or was not renewed and they went back to using the Chevrolet Omega. There is also a Rolls Royce as a parade car.

Lukas said...

Lexus is doing well. Agree about the loss of the Fords and Holdens.

Agree also that the Brazilian car looks like a Commodore - maybe they imported it from the US?

Tarlan said...

It is not maybach?

Ed Kim said...

That Brazilian Chevrolet. That is a Chevrolet Omega, which was known in the US as the recently departed Chevrolet SS and Pontiac G8, which itself were rebadged Holden Commodores. Chevrolet Brasil did sell them for some time and in fact, prior generations of Chevrolet Omega were sold in Brazil as well. Those prior versions were rebadged Opel Omegas (the most recent of which were sold here as the Cadillac Catera).

Confused yet? Gotta love badge engineering!