Saturday, July 07, 2018

World Leaders Cars (1)

A decade ago, on this blog, I compiled a comprehensive list of every world leader's cars. It's time for an updated list. Let's do it!

1. Japan: Lexus LS600h L. You may have seen the recent viral video of Abe's motorcade politely ordering drivers to yield. You can see the VIP (Abe) was riding in a Lexus. (2007 car: Toyota Century)

2. Taiwan: Audi A8L Security. The Republic of China's cat fancier president rides in a big Audi. (2007 car: Cadillac)

3. USA: Cadillac, aka The Beast. (2007 car: Cadillac)

4. Canada: Chevy Suburban. (2007 car: Lincoln Town Car) Note that Trudeau Jr inherited a classic 300SL from Trudeau Sr.

5. North Korea: Mercedes S600 Pullman Guard. (2007 car: VW Phaeton)

6. South Korea: Hyundai Equus Stretch Edition, of course. (2007 car: Equus)

7. Mexico: Chevy Suburban. (2007 car: Suburban)

8. India: BMW 760Li Security Edition. (2007 car: BMW 7-Series)

9. China: Hongqi CA7600J. (2007 car: Hongqi)

10. UK: Jaguar XJ Sentinel. (2007 car: Jaguar Super 8)

Chevy Suburban: 2
Audi A8: 1
BMW 7-Series: 1
Cadillac: 1
Hongqi: 1
Hyundai: 1
Jaguar: 1
Lexus: 1
Mercedes S-Class: 1

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