Saturday, October 21, 2017

Two traditional Virginia meals

These were from my recent trip.

First up, we have a Southern/Soul Food lunch from Mama J's in the historically African-American quarter of Richmond called Jackson Ward. The sides-- cornbread, greens, and macaroni and cheese-- were the standouts. The catfish was good too, but I should have just ordered one piece instead of two. My eyes were clearly bigger than my stomach. The secret ingredient was salt.

Another memorable meal was lunch at The Roanoker. On the trip, I learned about the difference between City Ham and Country Ham. City Ham is what we consider "ham" outside of Virginia. It is preserved with nitrates. Country Ham is what they eat in Virginia. The bone is kept in and it is preserved with salt.

Again, the sides were the stars of the show. The fresh biscuits, green beans, and garden tomatoes were fantastic.

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