Saturday, June 03, 2017

Radwood 2017

The first annual Radwood car show was a success. It was a low key gathering of Gen Xers and allies. After a late start, I took my neighbor's 1988 Legend to the car wash. For a car with 188,000 miles, the car felt very solid. Everything worked!

There were dozens of cars. I'm posting those that really stood out, like this Prelude.

And this Back to the Future Toyota truck.

Six-cylinder Jag.

And just look at that Legend. One passerby described it as "epically clean".

This 1991 Camaro was my favorite. It has the police package and just 28,000 miles. Spectacular.

This ratty wheel and tire belonged to the show winner, an old Viper brought by Kevin McCauley.

Lotus Esprit.

Porsche 928.

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