Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lotus Elan for sale

These quirky "faux" Lotuses always intrigued me. There's one for sale locally.

Here is an old Motorweek review. Check out the Sony pullout! I had one of these in my Jeep. And it's playing C+C Music Factory.

Which reminds me of this Simpsons clip:

Which reminds me of this very 90s video:


Christopher Daily-Diamond said...

*Almost* bought one once

slirt said...

I was kinda intrigued also but always discounted them cuz FWD... but they aren't "faux" like the KIA version; they're UK-built by Lotus, but obvi parts heavily Isuzu-sourced. 6.7 secs 0-60mph not too shabby, either! That kinda surprised me.

"Homer's Phobia" is one of the all-time great, Top 10 IMO, Simpsons episodes; excellent script, John Waters guest star, and that EPIC ending! "Dad, why'd you take me to a gay steelmill?"