Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A gift from BMW

A question for you fathers out there...

I got this in the mail.

It's a cool USB stick with some marketing BS about how eco-friendly the i3 is.

The package also came with a free one-day car control course at either BMW's track in Thermal (between Palm Desert and the Salton Sea in Southern California) or next to the Spartanburg, South Carolina, factory, where they build the X3, X4, X5, and X6.

The easy choice would be to fly down to Southern California for a day. But if I go to South Carolina, I can get a factory tour and visit the BMW Zentrum museum.

The question for you fathers: At what point do you feel comfortable asking your wife who just gave birth for permission to fly across the country for a few days for cars?


Unknown said...

I think I would get permission to go on a vacation solo from my wife only after the kids go to college. Maybe.

But who knows. Your wife sounds like a saint.

Francisco said...

Yeah man...this is a hard one. Hmmmm...probably month 7 or when the in-laws visit and stay a while.

steve-vh said...

Maybe by the time they enter school......Mine are 21 and 23.
Although, if there's an expiration date on their offer, you can maybe leverage the potential loss against her natural parental thriftiness.

F1Outsider said...

I've been to the BMW museum in Spartanburg. It's quite small. It felt more like an over-sized lobby with some interesting vehicles on display.

I have a friend who recently did European delivery of his m235i and he did the track day + factory tour there. I could get you in contact with him if you'd like to know more about how that experience is.

Alan said...

My son was eight months old the first time we traveled and it was too soon. Sorry to dash you dreams.

Maxichamp said...

@F1O: Thank you for the offer but I will pass.

Anonymous said...

Dang..... Load them up and hit the road! They can chill while you hoon and then have a family adventure.

Land Rover Nut Here, Well we did a road trip, Labrador and 10 Week old Child to a wedding in Potsdam, East Germany from the UK. Used my best/worse car purchase ever a VW T5 Caravelle (aka Doris) as the vehicle of choice. The wife loved it, sitting in back with Junior when he needed sorting and then up front with me when he was sleeping. We left early, managed to do it in 12 hours door to door and in time for a well earned Dinner and Beer!

We also found the lay flat car seat/cot was amazing as although it took two seat and two seatbelts, being in a 7 seat bus was perfect! At the time I just bought it for the trip but we ended up keeping it till we handed it on to friends that also were doing something similar.

I was also soooo glad to be in it as the Temp was between 35c/38c during the days while there, most unusual for them in Potsdam. It was our only respite with A/C in the bus. I did get told off for running the car while stationary as couple of times but as soon as I explained about the baby being fed, they backed off.

Then as it all went so well, we took a detour back through Southern Germany to Strasbourg in France to visit some friends there and over in Normandy on the way back home.

Main thing we found, if your chilled and relaxed, they will be too. :) plus when they are babies, you will be amazed at the amount of people that come say hi and talk or maybe it was because we had the dog with us?