Monday, January 02, 2017

Eating the Globe: Going to New York or cooking at home

I'm running out of local restaurants. One solution, though impractical, is to go to New York City for two weeks and eat there. I can pretty much check off Eastern Europe, ex-Soviet republics, West Africa, and the Caribbean in New York. I bet I can even find Surinamese cuisine there. I mean, look, there's a friggin' Moldovan restaurant in Brooklyn.

But realistically, cooking at home is the solution. There are all sorts of DIY videos available.

A tomato and egg breakfast dish from Azerbaijan looks simple.

And Kazakh TV has a cooking show about a Turkmen dish.

And a Kazakh dish.

And finally, this is incredible. Some guy is cooking a dish from every country in the world, in alphabetical order.


Ed Kim said...

How about cuisine from defunct countries? You've got one in your backyard, and I've eaten there. I have a feeling you'd enjoy it for the same reasons I did.

I'm referring to Walzwerk, an EAST German restaurant in the Mission district. It's full of not only the finest cuisine the Ossies had to offer, but it's filled with all manner of East German "ostalgie" on display. I wore a Wartburg visor I had gotten from the Wartburg museum for the occasion, and after far too many Weizen I was drunk and inadvertently added it to their collection by accidentally leaving it there.

Blogger 3133 said...

Me, I eat plenty of American food. we have it all in Moscow. McDonald's, Charlie's, KFC - hey, year of the rooster, burger king, what not.