Monday, October 03, 2016

Rosberg Hamilton points chart

With Rosberg 23 points ahead right now, he has a decent chance of winning the championship. Of course, if anyone can come from behind, it's Hamilton. This chart shows the points competition between Rosberg (blue) and Hamilton (green) from Races 1 through 16 this season.

I looked up flights to Abu Dhabi, the final race of the season. The championship could be decided then. Etihad flies non-stop from SFO to Abu Dhabi. It's a 16 hour flight. And it looks like the flight path almost touches the North Pole.


Tarlan said...

R you going to Abu Dhabi this year?

Maxichamp said...

@Tarlan: 10% chance. Are you going? That will mean you've gone to three races this season!

Tarlan said...

95% chance I do. There is some visa, travel and accommodation issues to be sorted out but I'm pretty much sure that I'm going, as my name already in the list for sector2 pit exit intervention marshal :) Hope championship will be decided in Abu Dhabi.