Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Poll observer in Nevada

I just got my marching orders. I will be a poll observer this weekend in Washoe County, Nevada. Reno, the second largest city in Nevada after Las Vegas, is in Washoe County. My job will be to make sure every eligible voter gets to vote and that no one is intimidated.

Washoe is an interesting county. It is a swing county in a swing state. It's Wild West conservative, but it also has a growing Latino population and a liberal patch around the University of Nevada at Reno.

I volunteered there in 2008 and watched Obama win on Election Night.

In 2008, Obama won there 55.25% to McCain's 42.61%.

In 2012, Obama won 50.79% to Romney's 47.09%.

Early voting started last Saturday. So far, in Washoe County, 16,332 registered Democrats, 12,881 Republicans, and 6,329 Others have voted.

This will be interesting.


Ed Kim said...

Props, Jim. Thanks for doing your part for Democracy in a time where many seek to undermine it.

Christopher Daily-Diamond said...


Alex and I were phone-banking for Nevada yesterday, and I got a few in Washoe county. I'm happy to report I only got hung up on like 60% of the time!