Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My favorite car book as a teenager

I am so excited. I finally found my favorite car book as a 16 year old. I bought it used for $10 from a bookseller in Maryland and it arrived today. Without question, this book solidified my obsession with cars. I think when you see what's in the book, you'll quickly realize why I love the cars that I love.

Please excuse the quality of the photos I took. Work has been kicking my ass and I am exhausted. But I am so stoked to show you all this book.

So here is the back story. It's the summer of 1991. I had just turned 16 and I spent the summer in Japan to visit my father. The Bubble had not burst yet and everyone was loaded. Virtually every friend of my father's gave me a $100 bill (U.S.) as pocket money. It was nuts.

When I returned home, I went with my friend Paul in his purple Starion turbo to South Coast Plaza, the local mall near my home in Orange County. I spent like MC Hammer. I remember buying a leather jacket, Ralph Lauren cologne (the green bottle), a pocket computer, and this car book.

Even today, as I flip through the pages, I remember every picture. The book even has the same familiar smell. I am in heaven.

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