Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Trabant assembly plant video (with 100% cotton)

Incredible footage.  Was the cotton from Uzbekistan?


Viva Chile! said...

Amazing video. It looks so primitive! Just cotton sandwiched in cardboard. Priceless footage.

It would make sense that Uzbek cotton was used on the Trabant since it was a an Uzbek company the one interested in bringing the car back to life in the 90's.

midelectric said...

It's the same process used in SMC (sheet molding compound) fiberglass fabrication. At least handling cotton doesn't lead to terminal itchiness at the end of the day.

Edvin said...

Nice find! Here's in case you haven't seen the quality control video:

kashgar216 said...

@Viva: I had no idea Uzbekistan wanted to bring it back. It makes sense. They waste oceans of water growing cotton in the desert.

@Midelectric: Sounds like you've had personal experience. :)

@Edvin: Now that's German worksmanship!