Monday, June 13, 2011

Canadian GP Weekend: Preview

After 12 hours of traveling, I'm finally home.  This also means that for 12 hours, my wet sneakers, socks, and other unmentionables have been brewing and stewing in my tightly packed luggage.  I'm frantically washing and re-washing what can be washed and drying what can't be washed, e.g. my passport, wallet, and camera.

There are a lot of notes and pictures to sort through.  In the meantime, here are some representative shots of my weekend.

Friday: F1 practice and Historic GP paddock

 Grandstand 11 with a view of the Senna Curve.  The weather was gorgeous.

 Alan Jones Williams

 Awesome tow vehicle

 Hometown god Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari

Saturday: Qualifying

 Grandstand 33.  The sky turns sinister.

 Poutine for dinner.

Sunday: The longest F1 race ever

 Standing for the national anthem

 Hamilton's disabled McLaren

 The last picture I took before the torrential downpour

 Post-race walk on the track

 Wall of Champions

 Button's winning car

 Heidfeld's wrecked R31

Herr Heidfeld himself!


ardas said...

Tow vehicle on third photo is Mini Moke. Rather special version of Mini ;) Google it if you are interested :)

kashgar216 said...

@ardas: Thanks for reminding me the name of it. Here's another one I saw: